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While deep tissue massage techniques are very similar to Swedish strokes, the difference is the amount of pressure and forcefulness that I apply. This type of bodywork is especially helpful for injury recovery and chronically stiff areas, such as the neck, upper back, and shoulders. People who have structural anomalies of the spine and muscles may also benefit from deep tissue massage.

Clients undress and lie comfortably on a table covered by a sheet. After warming up the muscles with Swedish strokes and sometimes a moist heating pad, I use more focused techniques and firm, heavy pressure to get the deeper layers of tissue to release. Oil or lotion may be used to reduce friction.  Pressure may be applied with my palms, knuckles, forearms or elbows and may cause some discomfort to the client. Because of this, I perform deep tissue massage only after receiving your permission.

You may experience some soreness for a day or two following the session, but usually also enjoy greater ease of movement. I often combine deep tissue with Swedish massage or other bodywork styles to minimize any discomfort.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

New clients receive discount at your first visit.

Tracy C. Scott, CMT | BCTMB, CAMTC #4679