Every session is tailored to your specific needs

Each massage session is tailored to your specific needs and performed on a comfortable table in my office. I provide a safe, quiet and clean environment designed to maximize relaxation. Sessions may be scheduled in 30 minute, 60 minute, 75 minute or 90 minute increments. Prices vary according to length of the session. Please click on rates for my current fee schedule and call for schedule availability.

At the start of your visit I’ll ask a few questions about how your body feels, any past injuries or new conditions, and what are your goals for the session? All health information shared with me is considered confidential.

If your desired therapy requires removal of clothing, (i.e. Swedish massage), you are allowed to disrobe privately and be draped with a sheet throughout the session. For other bodywork styles that can be performed without disrobing, (Acupressure & Tui Na and CST), please wear loose fitting garments (no jeans).

Feedback is appreciated at any time, and the amount of talking during a session is determined by the client. Afterward you will be allowed to get up and dress again in private. I recommend drinking plenty of water the rest of the day to flush and hydrate your system.

what to expect

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

New clients receive discount at your first visit.

Tracy C. Scott, CMT | BCTMB, CAMTC #4679